Beautifully realistic silk flowers.

Our luxurious silk flower bouquets are made with the highest quality synthetic stems, which are selected to perfectly imitate a fresh flower or foliage. Our stems have the advantage of being unfixed (not glued into a vase), allowing you to display them as you please and mix and match your flowers as your collection grows, rather than having a fixed arrangement.

Easy delivery.

Our bouquets are wrapped beautifully and posted in special packaging that fits through a standard sized letterbox, meaning you or your recipient won't need to be home to receive the delivery. A handwritten gift message can be included.


Silk flowers are growing in popularity because they are fuss-free and long lasting; and because they are stunningly beautiful and realistic. 

Some other advantages are:

- allergen and hayfever-free

- non-seasonal (yes, peony season can be every season!)

- no need for watering or constant attention

- perfect for dark rooms or interiors




The designers.

Fleur de le Coeur is run by three siblings based in Tooting, South West London. The founding sister works as a Cardiology Doctor, and 'Fleur de le Coeur' translates to 'Flower of the Heart'. This brand name is also a reference to a beautiful and courageous literary character from our favourite book series. 

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